10213 – LED Color Changing Aquarium, Night Light

The Meridian LED Color Changing Aquarium Night Light is a captivating addition to any space. Watch in wonder as this night light seamlessly transitions through a mesmerizing spectrum of colors, accompanied by the illusion of floating fish and shells, creating a tranquil underwater world. Safe to the touch, thanks to cool LED technology, this night light eliminates the hassle of bulb replacements, as it consumes only 1 watt of power. Perfect for bedrooms, hallways, bathrooms, and kitchens, this dusk-till-dawn light doesn’t require a switch, allowing you to embrace both energy savings and enchantment with this LED-powered aquarium night light that adds a touch of soothing magic to your surroundings.

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Product Details:

Cool to the Touch LED

Constantly Changing Colors

Save Energy Save Money with LEDs

No Bulb to Replace

Uses only 1 Watt

Dusk to Dawn Autosensing

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