10711 – LED Rubber Ducky Night Light

An enchanting escape is yours with the Meridian LED Rubber Ducky Night Light, a whimsical and eco-conscious companion that’s also cool to the touch. This delightful ducky brightens up your room, automatically coming to life when the room is dark, eliminating the need to search for light switches. As the showerhead casts a soft blue glow on the ducky, the bath becomes a captivating oasis of soft white light. More than just a playful addition, this ducky is environmentally conscious, using over 92% less electricity compared to a traditional 7W bulb, while consuming only 0.5 watts at its maximum. Plus, you can bid farewell to the hassle of frequent bulb replacements, thanks to its long-lasting LED technology. This unique little night light will add a touch of whimsical fun to any space in your home, enjoyable for both children and adults alike!

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Product Details:

Auto On When Dark

For Safety and Security

Energy Saving

Whimsical design for rubber ducky enthusiasts

Perfect for bedroom, bathroom, and hallways

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