13144 – 17 Watt 8″ LED Circular Bulb

If this bulb does not light, lights for a short amount of time then goes off, only some of the LEDs light, turns on but is very dim, or flickers: you have a non-compatible ballast. Please install a recommended ballast.

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Product Details:

This bulb is to be used ONLY with a ballast. It cannot be direct wired!

This bulb has a 4-pin male plug (G10q)

The #13144 LED 8” Circular Bulb is NOT compatible with all ballas

This lamp operates with electronic rapid start ballasts. Not compatible with magnetic ballasts or instant start ballasts

Direct replacement for the following lamp: 22W/T9/C8/RS

Not for use with light with dimmers

Suitable for damp locations. Risk of electric shock- do not use where directly exposed to water

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The Meridian 13144–17 Watt 8″ LED Circular Bulb is a game-changer in energy-efficient lighting. Designed to be used ONLY with a ballast and equipped with a 4-pin male plug (G10q), it is essential to note that it’s NOT compatible with all ballasts. This LED bulb replaces the 22W Fluorescent Circular Bulb, offering 1600 Lumens of crisp 4100K light while using 22% less energy and providing 25% more light compared to its fluorescent counterpart. With an average bulb life of 25000 hours, it’s both reliable and long-lasting. Keep in mind to use it in 120V fixtures only, and it’s not suitable for use with light dimmers, making it a hassle-free, high-performance lighting solution.


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