13141R LED C7 Replacement Bulbs, Red, 2 Pack

Brighten up your space with the Meridian 13141R LED C7 Red Light 2 Pack. These replacement night light bulbs are perfect for all your lighting needs, whether it’s nightlights, appliances, or to add a touch of red brilliance with accent and task lighting. With two C7 bulbs in this pack, you can effortlessly enhance the ambiance in any room. Elevate your lighting with the energy-efficient and vibrant red glow of the Meridian 13141R LED C7 bulbs, designed for versatility and convenience. They’re not only energy-saving and long-lasting but also offer instant-on light, quiet no-hum operation, and emit virtually no heat, ensuring your fabrics and furnishings stay vibrant. These cool-to-touch bulbs use only 0.5 watts, making them a brilliant choice for both your lighting and your energy bill. Please note that they are for indoor use only, ensuring the perfect lighting solution for your home.

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Product Details:

Latest LED SMD Technology

Instant-on light

Quiet (no hum) operation

Emits virtually no heat

Cool to the touch bulb uses only 0.5 watts

Indoor use only

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