13186 – LED 36w Equivalent PAR36 Replacement Bulb

The Meridian LED 36W Equivalent PAR36 Replacement Bulb illuminates your path with brilliance, making it the perfect choice for your landscape lighting needs. Whether you’re accentuating gardens, walkways, outdoor spaces, or in need of suitable lighting for emergency exit lights, this versatile LED bulb delivers stunning radiance with its remarkable 36W equivalence while consuming significantly less energy, which translates into substantial savings on your electricity bills. With its long-lasting performance and easy installation, this PAR36 bulb is designed to illuminate your outdoor and emergency lighting efficiently and durably, ensuring it remains bright for years to come. Choose the eco-friendly and efficient lighting solution with the Meridian LED PAR36 Replacement Bulb.

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Product Details:

36W Equivalent  

3000K PAR36

Bright White

LED Replacement  


Water resistant IP65 non submersible

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Designed for 12vac/vdc Fixtures
Suitable for Emergency Exit Lights, Indoor and Outdoor fixtures.
Energy Efficient Replacement for Halogen Bulbs.


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