10235 – LED Directional Designer Night Lights, Soft White 2PK

The Meridian LED Directional Designer Night Lights in a convenient 2-pack offer versatile lighting solutions for your home. These night lights provide a soft white LED glow that’s perfect for bedrooms, hallways, and bathrooms. What sets them apart is their directional design, allowing you to adjust the light’s angle to suit your specific needs, making them ideal for illuminating specific areas or creating a customized lighting ambiance. With energy-efficient LED technology, they offer long-lasting performance while reducing your energy consumption. The 2-pack ensures you have multiple lighting options for different spaces in your home, and they come on automatically when it’s dark, ensuring you have light when you need it. These night lights use over 95% less electricity compared to a 7W bulb, have no bulb to replace, and feature a cool-to-touch LED that uses only 0.5 watts at maximum, ensuring both energy efficiency and safety. Illuminate your living spaces with the Meridian LED Directional Designer Night Lights and experience a blend of functionality and style in your home’s lighting decor.

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Product Details:

Cool to the Touch LED

Latest LED SMD Technology

Soft white Color Temperature -   2800k

No Bulb to Replace

Save Energy Save Money with LEDs

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