13127 E11 3 Watt Bright White Bulb

Brighten your space with the Meridian E11 3W Bright White Bulb. It’s an eco-friendly, cost-effective alternative to 25W Halogen bulbs, providing the same brightness while using 88% less electricity. Ideal for 120-volt fixtures, it’s the smart choice for efficient indoor lighting.

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Product Details:

LED Bright White Replacement Bulb

Replaces 25 Watt Halogen

For Indoor/Dry use only

Uses up to 88% less electricity as Compared to a 25 W Halogen

For use in 120 volt fixtures ONLY

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Illuminate your space with the Meridian E11 3 Watt Bright White Bulb. Designed for indoor/dry use, this energy-efficient bulb is the perfect replacement for traditional 25 Watt Halogen bulbs, offering the same level of brightness while using up to 88% less electricity. With a power-saving design, this bulb is an eco-friendly and cost-effective lighting solution. Please note that it is intended for use in 120-volt fixtures only, ensuring it’s the ideal choice for your lighting needs. Brighten your indoor space while reducing your energy consumption with the Meridian E11 3 Watt Bright White Bulb.


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