13124 – G4 Bright White LED Base Bulb

Illuminate your space with the Meridian 13124 – G4 LED Base Bulb, an eco-friendly and energy-efficient lighting solution. This non-dimmable bulb uses only 3 Watts while delivering a brilliant 300 Lumens. Designed to replace energy-hungry 20W Halogen bulbs, it ensures significant energy savings. Ideal for use in 12-volt fixtures, this G4 Base Bulb is perfect for landscape, camping/RV, marine, under cabinet, and automotive lighting. Brighten your surroundings while reducing your energy consumption with the Meridian 13124 – G4 LED Base Bulb, providing cost-effective and versatile lighting for various applications.

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Product Details:

Uses only 3 Watts

300 Lumens

G4 Base Bulb


Replaces 20W Halogen

For use in 12 volt fixtures only

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