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10735 – USB Sound Activated Night Light

Transform your nights into a soothing glow of light and sound with the innovative Meridian Sound-Activated Night Light. This innovative product blends functionality and aesthetics, creating an ambient atmosphere that caters to your senses. Whether you’re seeking a relaxing evening ambiance, a soothing light for your little ones, or a stylish accent to your space, the Meridian Night Light is here to deliver. The night light responds to sound, easily syncing with your environment’s rhythm.


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  • Sound Sensitivity: Responds to ambient sound levels, activating the light when noise is detected.
  • Energy Efficiency: Utilizes low-power LED technology for energy-saving operation, minimizing electricity consumption.
  • Compact Design: Sleek and compact design ensures it fits seamlessly into various d├ęcor styles without taking up much space.
  • Automatic On/Off Functionality: Automatically turns on in low-light conditions or when sound is detected, and switches off when ambient noise diminishes or when light levels increase.
  • Soft Illumination: Emits a soft, soothing glow, providing comfort and security during nighttime hours without disturbing sleep.