Purple Incandescent Rope Light

Purple Incandescent Rope Light

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* 6′ Incandescent Rope Light
* 6′ Plug   in Power Cord w/ 5 amp Safety Fuse
* 1 Replacement fuse
* Extendable connector
* Mounting clips
* Tie Straps
* Screws
* Easy Connect System: Safely extends up to 200 Ft.
* Includes everything you need to assemble in minutes
* Plugs into any standard 120v outlet
* 20,000 Estimated hours life expectancy
* 120   volts – 60 Hz – 0.15 AMP – 3 watts per foot
* Indoor/Outdoor
* Flexible
* Creates Ambient Light for any Occasion
* Adds and Extra Measure   of Safety along stairways
  pathways, hallways, banisters, ponds, pools, decks 
  and patios
* Compatible only with Meridian Rope Lights


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