36006 – 6′ Clear Incandescent Rope Light

Illuminate your space with the warm, inviting glow of our Meridian 6′ Clear Incandescent Rope Light. This versatile lighting solution is perfect for adding a touch of magic to any occasion, from festive holiday decorations to year-round ambient lighting. Its flexible design allows for creative customization, effortlessly bending and shaping to suit your needs. With durable construction and incandescent bulbs, this rope light promises long-lasting, brilliant luminosity. Easy to install and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the Meridian rope light is the ideal choice for elevating your décor and creating an enchanting atmosphere. Bring a touch of brilliance into your life with this 6-foot clear incandescent rope light.

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* 6′ Incandescent Rope Light
* 6′ Plug in Power Cord w/ 5 amp Safety Fuse
* 1 Replacement fuse
* Extendable connector
* Mounting clips
* Tie Straps
* Screws
* Easy Connect System: Safely extends up to 200 Ft.
* Includes everything you need to assemble in minutes
* Plugs into any standard 120v outlet
* 20,000 Estimated hours life expectancy
* 120   volts – 60 Hz – 0.15 AMP – 3 watts per foot
* Indoor/Outdoor
* Flexible
* Creates Ambient Light for any Occasion
* Adds and Extra Measure of Safety along stairways pathways, hallways, banisters, ponds, pools, decks
  and patios
* Compatible only with Meridian Rope Lights


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