13145 – 25 Watt 12″ LED Circular Bulb

25 Watt 12″ LED Circular Bulb

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This bulb is to be used ONLY with a ballast. It cannot be direct wired!
The #13145 LED 12” Circular Bulb is NOT compatible with all ballasts.
This bulb works best with “Rapid Start” or “Electronic Rapid Start” Ballasts.
It is not intended to be used with “Magnetic” or “Instant Start” ballasts.
Keystone and Sylvania “Rapid Start” Ballasts work well.

This bulb has a 4-pin male plug (G10q).

If this bulb does not light, lights for a short amount of time then goes off, only some of the LEDs light, turns on but is very dim, or flickers: you have a non-compatible ballast. Please install a recommended ballast.


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