13132B – LED G8 Base, Fully Dimmable, Bulb – 120v Unpackaged


Elevate your lighting experience with our Meridian LED G8 Base Bulb – 120V. Fully dimmable, this little powerhouse of illumination is designed to transform any space with ease. With its G8 base, it’s a versatile fit for various fixtures and applications. Whether you’re setting the mood in your living room or brightening up your workspace, this LED bulb offers a brilliant, energy-efficient solution. Enjoy the convenience of adjustable brightness to suit your needs, all while saving on energy costs. With its 120V rating, it’s a reliable choice for consistent and long-lasting performance. Upgrade your lighting today with our Meridian LED G8 Base Bulb – your gateway to efficient, lighting brilliance.

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*Latest SMD Technology

*Comes in bulk, no retail package available

*For use in puck lights and under cabinet fixtures
*For replacement of inefficient Halogen & Xenon bulbs
*Fully Dimmable, replaces 20 watt halogen bulb
*Long lasting, 30,000 hour rated life
*Saves energy when replacing Halogen bulbs
*2.0 watts, 190 Lumens, 3000K color temperature

Dimensions: 1″ diameter, .25″ height


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