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10734 – RGBIC Circle Night Light with Remote

  • RGBIC Technology: Cutting-edge RGBIC (Red, Green, Blue, and Independent Control) technology allows for vibrant and customizable color options.
  • Remote Control: Includes a convenient remote control for easy operation from anywhere in the room, allowing users to adjust colors, brightness levels, and lighting modes effortlessly.
  • Multiple Lighting Modes: Offers various lighting modes, including solid colors, dynamic color-changing effects, and adjustable brightness levels to suit different moods and occasions.
  • Circular Design: Sleek and modern circular design that complements any room decor, providing soft and soothing illumination.


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Introducing the Meridian RGBIC Circle Night Light with Remote, the perfect addition to any room for a touch of ambiance and relaxation. This sleek and modern night light features advanced RGBIC technology, allowing you to choose from a spectrum of vibrant colors or soothing pastels to suit your mood or d├ęcor. With the included remote control, adjusting the lighting is effortless, giving you full control over color selection, brightness levels, and various lighting modes. Whether you prefer a calming glow for bedtime reading or dynamic color-changing effects for a party atmosphere, this night light has you covered. Weighing only 2.65 ounces allows this night light to stay comfortably in any wall outlet.