13177 - LED C7 White, Super Bright Replacement Bulb

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• 7W Equivalent         • 3000K
• Bright White            • Non-Dimmable
• LED Replacement   • (2-Pack)

U.S. Patent No. D732,209  Other U.S. and Foreign Patents Pending

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Meridian bright white 7w equivalent C7 LED replacement nightlight bulbs (2-pack) are cool to the touch, long lasting and energy efficient, using only .75w of electricity compared to a 7w incandescent bulb. These LED replacement bulbs have the traditional C7 shape with a candelabra base and provide a (3000K) bright white, omni-directional light. Designed for use in nightlights, appliances, accent, task and general purpose lighting.

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13178 Specifications Sheet

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